• Authentic Lithuanian folk tale was adapted for children by the expert of early childhood education and music teacher Sonata Latvėnaitė – Kričenienė. CD includes Lithuanian folklore motifs performed by professional musicians. The first part of the book is a tale illustrated by three illustrators. The second part is an encyclopedia for tale characters - birds - which reside in Lithuania. The book includes CD. Is very likable by preschool and primary school teachers and children as well.
  • This book is a top in our collection. It is liked by education professionals (teachers, speech therapists, artists), by parents, by toddlers and kids up to fourteen years. The book includes rhymes and pictures with exercises for fine motor skills and CD with songs as well. Kids like to sings and make these exercises as a part of the game.
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    Authentic Lithuanian folk tale was adapted by the expert of early childhood education. The tale tells about ancient crafts in Lithuania. The book suits for toddlers and children up to twelve years. Folklore motives involve kids to repeat worlds, to sing and act together. CD is included.